Back masks, covers, stencils

Having the right mask at the right time

aluminum cover t=1,0 mm, smallest web thickness 0,5 mm

deposition mask 1.4301 t=0,2 mm, smallest web thickness 0,05 mm

shadow mask Al2O3 t=0,25 mm

grid cover - stainless steel copper foil and wolfram

SMD-stencil FinePitch - special stainless steel t= 0,075 mm

SMD-stencil special stainless steel 580 x 580 x 0,18 mm

deposition mask - stainless steel t=1,0 mm

shadow masks, exposure stencils, sputtering masks, evaporation masks, solder stop masks, SMD stencils, via fill stencils, beamline components, radiation protection apertures

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