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Elektroblech Rotorlamelle zwischen 2 Fingern mit Handschuhen

Laser-cut electrical sheets as well as rotor and stator assemblies for micromotors

Thanks to our expertise in miniaturisation and micromotors, we have specialised in the laser precision processing of demanding electrical sheets in the thin sheet range from 0.1 to 0.5 mm. Thanks to optimised laser cutting technologies and adapted process gas support, insulation layer damage is minimised and single lamellae are manufactured with virtually no burrs or distortion - sharp corners, clean contours and high positioning accuracy included.


In addition, we offer the packaging of individual laminations into rotor/stator packages by means of laser welding or gluing (bonding lacquer).
The laser-cut laminations and core packages are used in the following applications of our customers:

  • DC motors as micro-drives for pumps and dosing Equipment
  • micromotors for industrial automation and Robotics
  • small drives for aerospace and terrestrial, mobile applications
  • motors for transport systems, conveyor belts and palletising systems
  • fan and blower motors 
  • DC micromotors for medical operating, laboratory and analysis technology as well as prosthetics
  • spindle drives for industrial tools, e.g. milling and drilling machines
  • servo motors for weighing Systems
  • etc.

Thanks to our extensive warehouse with a wide range of sheet metal qualities and coatings, we can realise the fastest possible delivery. All electrical sheets are manufactured according to DIN EN 10106/10107 (non-grain-oriented and grain-oriented). Of course, we also process sheets and coils supplied by customers (customer material) and can also manage this for several orders in stock.


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