Students of the Sensor Space Camp 2022 visited us

Unforgettable and exciting vacation days were experienced by three students at LCP, who mastered their joint challenge with the theme "Experience creativity with laser light" with flying colors.

3 Exciting days. 3 Interested students. 1 Challenging task to solve.

This is now behind the students of the Sensor Space Camp at LCP.

The students got a deeper look behind the scenes of state-of-the-art laser technology and learned about technical contexts in a practical way. They got to know the company and worked together on their challenge. Using their own small project, the students learned about the entire laser processing production process in our company and helped shape it according to their own capabilities. They tried their hand at a technical drawing, tried it out until the right laser parameters were set, tested various materials on the laser system, and finally tested and evaluated the components.

Now it is done. The results and at the same time mementos of three eventful vacation days at LCP are in the hands of the students.

We are proud. You did a great job!

It was also an enriching time for us to work together with young, interested people and to constantly have an understandable answer to the many questions. Thank you very much for your time with us!


The first day at LCP

The company tour

The second day - The work on the challenge

Getting to know and trying out the design software
Work on the laser marker
The result at the end of the day

The third day - The continuation of work on the challenge

Work on another laser system
The results at the end of the third day

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