Today is the day: Girls' Day starts and LCP is part of it!

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Girls group at Girls Day at LCP

Under the motto "FULL LASER - Experience creativity with laser light" the Girls' Day starts with a full and interesting program at LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH in Hermsdorf.

With us are 6 schoolgirls aged 11 to 17 who are totally interested in technology and whom we would like to welcome today.

They will get to know the company, learn more about the technical training and employment opportunities and also get a detailed insight into the work processes. They experience state-of-the-art laser technology live and contribute their own ideas to small projects. In the process, a piece of jewelry created by the girls and a notebook are marked using lasers. Starting with the idea sketch on paper, through a technical drawing and design on the computer for subsequent translation into a machine program, as well as processing on the laser system, to the final component testing and evaluation, the schoolgirls go through the entire production process. And as a result, at the end of the day they hold their own creations in their hands as a souvenir of an exciting day.

For all participants it will be an exciting and varied day.

The aim of Girls' Day is to get girls interested in predominantly male-dominated professions in the natural sciences, IT, crafts and industry and to find out about their practical skills and strengths. For one or the other, perhaps the opportunity to get a little closer to the dream job during the career choice.

NOTE: Next year, LCP plans to participate in Girls' Day again and make places available for girls from the 5th grade upwards. Please spread the word and make a note!



A warmly welcome at LCP

Presentation of the company

Production tour at LCP

Preparation of a technical sketch

The finished results at the end of the day

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