USP laser technology for printed circuit boards

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Leiterplatte im Bearbeitungsraum einer Lasermaschine

New laser system for PCB processing

With the acquisition of a new ultra-short pulse (USP) laser system with a processing spectrum in the UV range, we can now cut all common PCB materials 100% cleanly and insert precise vias. Thanks to special technology, completely carbonisation-free edges are the result, which completely eliminates the need for post-processing. Outstanding results could be reached for plastic foils of high temperature resistant polymers for example polyimide (Kapton®, VESPEL®,Cirlex®, Pyralux®), polyamide or polycarbonate, polyester or PEEK. Likewise very good cutting edges could be generate for prepregs, flexible, rigid and semi-flex PCB materials as FR3, FR4 or FR5 as well as silicone or graphite thermal conductive pads or gap filler e.g. PTFE-foils (Teflon®).

What else is possible with USP technology, you can find out here. You can find out more about technical details in our new data sheet.

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