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Current-carrying contact elements for power electronics

Especially the power electronics uses current-carrying contact elements out of non-ferrous metals that show low electrical resistivity and high conductivity for connection and transfer. Thus materials like copper (Cu-ETP, Cu-OFE, Cu-DHP), copper alloys (CuSn6, CuNi18Zn20, CuNi44, CuZn37, etc.) and also stainless steels are used as punch blanks or base plates for inlays for processing plastic injection moulding parts with metal core. Metal foil strips with thicknesses < 1,0 mm were mostly either connected by wire bonding as leadframes on semiconductor chips or conduced as contact pins or contact elements for connections on circuit boards. On the opposite side massive bus bars out of copper with thicknesses up to 4,0mm are either directly molded in the component for applications at extreme high current flows or they function as mechanical bracket by adding pressed in bolts. The LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH is specialized for a few years in processing current-carrying components for electronics industries and offers interesting alternatives to conventional processing methods like punching, etching or water jet cutting. Besides an high diversity of non-ferrous metals with thicknesses from 0,025 to 4,0 mm on stock we also offer laser cutting and patterning as well as milling, bending, pressing in of bolts, processing bondable copper surfaces and gold coating partially or all-over. You are welcome to use our innovative laser technology and our more than 20 years of experience.


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