Back The challenge of ceramic filling elements

Most likely for pressure sensors high-strength, electrical non- conductive and extreme heat resistant filling elements or sensor base plates are used for the packaging of sensor housings.

To satisfy those requirements typically technical ceramics like alumina (pureness: 96%-99%), aluminum nitride, silicon nitride or silicon carbide are used. The challenges of manufacturing these bond plates or spacer are caused by high layout requirements especially web width ratio or aspect ratio. Nevertheless the LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH has developed an economical technology to process dense sintered alumina substrates with thicknesses of 3,0 mm to produce filling elements with web width smaller than 1,0 mm and via holes with aspect ratio bigger than 5:1. Additionally the obstacles with the cleaning and deburring of these tiny elements were reliable resolved. Benefit of our innovative laser technology and more than 20 year lasting experiences.


 Please contact: Ms. Antje Oßmann, fon.: +49 36601 9327-54, e-mail:


thickness 0,5-3,0mm Al2O3

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