Back Variety of laser fine processing technologies for silicon wafers

Special processing of silicon wafers (thickness 0,1 – 3,5 mm)

Do you have mono- or polycrystalline silicon wafers with thicknesses of 0,1 – 3,5 mm
and do you look for the matching processing technology? We can help you by offering
the laser fine cutting of free-form contours, the laser scribing for panel manufacturing,
the laser drilling, the laser patterning of cavities or notches, the laser marking of bar,
Data Matrix or QR codes, or also the classical wafer dicing of i. a. silicon wafers that
are already coated with filter layers. This processes can be exercised both in combination
and subsequent to wafer top and bottom side as well via image processing systems with
alignment to already available structures.

Please contact: Ms. Antje Oßmann fon + 49 36601 9327-54 email sales (at)



meander shaped outlines by laser fine cutting

silicon pads with structured surface

grinding pattern of a laser cutted and ablationed filter element

laser drilled silicon wafers, thickness 3,0 mm

laser marked silicon with a pattern range of 80 µm

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