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Transforming electrics into motion

Electric motors and e-generators

Converting electrical energy into mechanical energy in a targeted manner and transforming the resulting force into motion - electrical drive technology is one of the most important components of today's industrial production.

A motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A generator, on the other hand, transforms mechanical power into electrical power. The difference lies in the direction of energy conversion. The generator is therefore the counterpart to the motor - but in principle they are the same machines, composed of a multitude of tiny components and coils.

Laser cut electrical sheets for drive technology

Thanks to our know-how regarding miniaturization and micromotors, we have specialized in laser precision machining of demanding electrical sheets and other materials in the thin sheet range from 0.05 to 0.5 millimeters. We manufacture laser-cut electrical sheets as well as rotor and stator packages for e-motors and e-generators.

Thanks to optimized laser cutting technologies and adapted process gas support, insulation layer damage is minimized and single lamellae manufactured almost free of burrs and warping - including sharp corners, clean contours and high positioning accuracy.

Typical application areas of drive technology

Our fabricated electrical sheet laminations or packages are used in applications such as::

  • micromotors for industrial automation and robotics, aerospace, and terrestrial mobile applications
  • motors for transport systems, conveyor belts and palletizing systems
  • fan and blower motors
  • DC micromotors for medical operation, laboratory and analysis technology as well as prosthetics
  • spindle drives for industrial tools such as milling and drilling machines
  • servo motors for weighing systems

We also manufacture other precise components for transformers according to your individual specifications. With a variety of different machining technologies, our solutions serve not only drive technology but also the power electronics and precision mechanics industries. Contact us and benefit from our expertise!

You will find further details in our data sheets.

We offer the following services

We process a wide range of electrical sheets:

  • extensive stock with a wide range of sheet metal qualities and coatings
  • all sheets produced according to DIN EN 10106/10107 (non-grain oriented and grain oriented)
  • processing and storage of sheets and coils supplied by customers

Additionally we offer:

  • customized manufacturing of rotor and stator packages by means of bonding technology (stove enamelling) or laser welding
  • own tool and jig construction for die making and packaging tasks
  • extensive measuring and testing equipment for quality monitoring and control

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