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Precision mechanics and EMC: our specialty

The smaller a component, the greater the challenge to manufacture it according to all quality requirements. Precision mechanics is concerned with the manufacture of precision mechanical components in devices. Precision mechanics plays a particularly important role in the optical industry: special devices such as microscopes, binoculars and telescopes are indispensable for the medical technology, research and development, electronics and aerospace sectors, among others.

The focus is on the precise manufacture and machining of mechanical parts with particularly high accuracy. We manufacture sophisticated drawing parts for precision mechanical components and assemblies - thanks to our innovative machining technologies - exactly to measure.

Shield electromagnetic radiation

The abbreviation EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility. So-called EMC shields refer to highly conductive shields for electronic assemblies. They connect electrical devices with housings and protect the workpiece gently and effectively from electromagnetic interference fields. We manufacture such EMC enclosures and shields as part of precision mechanical equipment manufacturing.

Small but mighty: precision mechanical components

In addition to filigree housings, we manufacture screens for filtration and sputtering masks for component coating as well as stamped bent parts, hold-downs up to complete precision mechanical assemblies - e.g. for medical technology applications - laser cut incl. thread, formed with swivel bending, laser welded and laser marked.

Further details can be found in our data sheets.

What we offer:

Production of precision mechanical components by laser cutting for the following areas of application, among others:

  • medical technology
  • measuring and control technology
  • fine mechanical apparatus and equipment manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • power electronics

The following additional services as a complete solution for precision mechanical assemblies:

  • mechanical processing such as turning, milling, etc.
  • precision bending (swivel and die bending)
  • laser welding for the production of housings
  • laser marking

Download data sheets

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    Laser Fine Cutting
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    SMD Stencils
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    Precision Bending
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    Data Transfer
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