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Solder foils, printed circuit boards and circuit carriers

No matter which industry is involved: In order to control processes successfully, all data of a process must be recorded and processed in real time, if possible. Assembly and interconnection technology (AVT) - also known as "packaging" - forms an important subarea of microsystems technology. It encompasses all the technologies and material systems needed to assemble microelectronic components in a very confined space.

We manufacture solder foils, lead frames, plug contacts, ceramic sensor carriers, printed circuit boards and much more. Printed circuit boards are carriers for electronic components. Whether for mechanical fastening or electronic connection - printed circuit boards are installed in practically every electronic device.

Sensing and packaging under extreme conditions

Cheaply produced microchips and mass electronics are prerequisites for the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes and the digitalization of our everyday lives. In extreme conditions, on the other hand, sensors and their packaging based on technical ceramics are mostly in use. In the so-called "harsh environment", robustness and reliability of the systems have top priority - especially in special manufacturing processes under high vacuum, at extreme temperatures in space or when explosion protection is required for gas mixtures or maximum stability in human medicine.

Among other things, we manufacture customer-specific components for sensor systems and power resistors made of aluminum oxide (Al2O3).

Our strengths: variety and quality

Our particular strength lies in the variety and quality of our executions. The applications are mainly used in the electronics industry, medical technology and aerospace. In addition to the field of sensors and systems, you will find individual solutions of power electronics, precision mechanics as well as drive technology.

Further details can be found in our data sheets.

We offer the following services:

We process all types of printed circuit boards for you:

  • ceramic printed circuit boards (including Al2O3, LTCC, AlN, SiN)
  • glass fiber reinforced epoxy printed circuit boards (FR3, FR4, FR5)
  • flexible printed circuit boards made of polyimide
  • metal reinforced printed circuit boards

We also offer the following services, among others:

  • individual processing of TO caps
  • production of leadframes and plug contacts (pins)
  • production of EMC housings and shieldings as well as gas-tight laser-welded housings
  • oxide-free processing of solder foils (preforms)

Download data sheets

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    Ceramics Machining
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    Design Guideline Ceramics
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    Laser Fine Cutting
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    Ultra Short Pulse Machining
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    Data Transfer
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