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Type of MaterialDescription

PMMA (acrylic, Plexiglas®)

polymers for housings, carriers wheels/ lap cages,

transparent polymers as inspection windows, displays


Original formats (selection)
foils t= 0,05 - 1,0 mm
sheets t= 1,0 - 10 mm

PI Polyimid (Kapton®, Pyralux®)

electrical insulator as carrier for flexible circuits
high heat and radiation resistance, low degassing

Original formats (selection)
foils t= 0,012 - 0,125 mm
bare or pre metallized (Cu)

adhesive foils
(laser labels)

mostly multilayered and colored polyacrylates 
for marking (identification of components by barcodes, data matrix codes, texts)

Original formats (selection)
sheets, coils

heat conductive foils

contact elements for thermal conduction between heat source and heat sink (mostly containing silicone)

Original formats (selection)

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