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Electrical Sheets

The material for magnetic cores

Customised electrical sheets for the energy transition

Whether in transformers, generators or electric drives - magnetic cores made of electrical sheet are essential components of these and play a decisive role in efficient energy generation and conversion as well as its transport. Thanks to our know-how in the field of miniaturisation and micromotors, we have specialised in the laser fine machining of sophisticated electrical sheets in the thin sheet range from 0.1 to 0.5 mm. In the process, we manufacture individual laminations by laser cutting or produce rotor and stator packages by means of laser fine welding or adhesive technology (bonding lacquer).

A selection of our electrical sheets

  • Silicon-iron alloy (SiFe)

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    Material Properties

    • grain-oriented or non-grain-oriented, baked enamel coated or conventionally insulated
    • production of rotor, stator, core and transformer laminations for motors, generators, transformers, transformers, chokes and relays

    Dimensions (Selection)

    • 0.10 mm electric sheet NO10 with baking varnish coating only
    • 0.20 mm electrical sheet NO20-12 with baked varnish coating only
    • 0.35 mm electrical sheet M235-35A with both C5 and baked enamel coating
    • 0.35 mm electrical sheet M270-35A with both C5 and baked enamel coating
    • 0.50 mm electric sheet M270-50A with both C5 and baked enamel coating
    • 0.50 mm electric sheet M400-50A with both C5 and baked enamel coating


  • Cobalt-iron alloy (CoFe)

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    Material Properties

    • for applications with high requirements on saturation induction
    • high flux density with low weight
    • low coercivity

    (concrete properties of a special material can be requested from the manufacturer).


  • Nickel-iron alloy (NiFe)

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    Material Properties

    • relatively high permeability
    • low remagnetization losses
    • their overall high saturation inductance enables high performance energy storage and transfer at low to medium frequencies
    • use in devices such as transformer cores, toroids, sensors, motor laminations, clock springs, flap valves and actuator springs, as well as in various shielding applications


The properties of electrical sheet

  • soft magnetic
  • low remagnetisation losses
  • good permeability

Application Examples

  • DC motors as microdrives for pumps and dosing equipment
  • micromotors for industrial automation and robotics
  • microdrives for aerospace and terrestrial mobile applications
  • motors for transport systems, conveyor belts and palletising systems
  • fan and blower motors
  • DC micromotors for medical operating, laboratory and analysis technology and prosthetics
  • spindle drives for industrial tools, e.g. milling and drilling machines
  • servo motors for weighing systems

Rotor and stator cores made of laser-cut electrical steel lamellae

Laser cutting of single lamellae guarantees sharp corners, clean contour runs and high positioning accuracy. Optimised laser cutting technology minimises insulation damage and allows for virtually burr- and distortion-free production of the lamellae.

Little powerhouses

In addition, we also offer our customers the production of complete rotor and stator packages. For this purpose, the individual rotor or stator lamellas are either welded or baked with the help of a baking enamel coating. In this case, the electrical sheet is provided with a special coating (baking varnish) which joins the stack of sheets together when heated. We would be happy to advise you!

More info about our materials

The specific data sheets of the individual materials are available on request. The material listing is only a current selection without any claim to completeness. Do you have special requirements? We will be happy to advise you personally on your questions regarding our available materials and services.

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