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From rigid to flexible

Plastics variety for your application

Plastics offer the ideal conditions for use in electronic devices and are therefore decisive for electronics and electrical engineering. As printed circuit boards or circuit boards, plastics act as carriers for electronic components and metallic conductors. In this form, they can be found in almost every electronic device. We process glass-fibre reinforced epoxy circuit boards such as FR3, FR4, FR5 and flexible circuit boards made of polyimide.

A selection of our plastics


    Article Examples


    Material Properties

    • plastics for housing parts, rotor disks / lapping cages
    • transparent plastics for viewing windows, displays

    Dimensions (Selection)

    • foils: t=0.05 - 1.0 mm
    • plates: t=1.0 - 10 mm
  • PI Polyimid

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    Material Properties

    • electrical insulator as carrier for flexible circuits
    • very good heat resistance
    • low outgassing
    • high radiation resistance

    Dimensions (Selection)

    foils: t=0.012 - 0.125 mm

    bare or pre-metallised (Cu)

  • Adhesive foils

    Article Examples

    Laser labels made from tesa® 6930
    3M® 7846, 7847, 7848

    Material Properties

    • usually multilayer and coloured polyacrylates for labelling (identification of parts by means of barcode, datamatrix, text)

    Dimensions (Selection)

    bows, rolls

  • Thermally conductive foils

    Article Examples

    Graphite foils

    Material Properties

    • contact elements for heat conduction between heat source and heat sinks (mostly silicone)

    Dimensions (Selection)


The properties of plastic

  • easily mouldable
  • flexible
  • resistant
  • durable
  • insulating
  • corrosion resistant
  • easy
  • recyclable

Application examples

  • antistatic films
  • electromagnetic shielding in electronic circuits
  • through-hole plating of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry
  • in corrosion protection

Processing of plastics with ultrashort pulse lasers

Thanks to high-performance UKP systems with a processing spectrum in the UV range, we can cut all common PCB materials 100% cleanly and insert precise vias. Thanks to special technology, completely carbonisation-free edges are the result, which completely eliminates the need for post-processing.

Plastics and their processing diversity

In addition to residue-free laser cutting of flex and rigid PCBs, laser drilling is also available for drilling microvias or laser structuring for removing and decoating solder joints on plastic PCBs. For example damage-free labelling/marking is possible by laser marking.

More info about our materials

The specific data sheets of the individual materials are available on request. The material listing is only a current selection without any claim to completeness. Do you have special requirements? We will be happy to advise you personally on your questions regarding our available materials and services.

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