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Laser material processing

Our range of technologies

Our technologies at a glance

Our wide range of technologies with which we process materials makes us the ideal development partner and manufacturing service provider for the power electronics, sensor and systems, e-mobility and energy sectors as well as precision mechanics and apparatus engineering. Whether ceramic, glass, metal or plastic - as a laser application centre, we use innovative laser technologies to manufacture your desired component from prototype to series production.

Stable processes, optimised runs and reliable quality - from laboratory scale to standard processes ready for series production, there are no limits to the technology and material of your laser cut. For example, you need a laser cut from technical ceramics, but you don't yet know which process is best suited for your project? We will be happy to help you!

Laser Fine Cutting

Laser cutting uses high-energy light to completely melt or vaporise the material.

Laser Welding

Laser welding enables spot welding and brazing of stainless steel, copper alloy and precious metals.

Laser Structuring

By using ultrashort pulse lasers, we create complex surface structures on all types of materials - from metal to ceramics.

Laser Drilling

For laser drilling blind or through holes of various sizes and requirements the right process is an important criteria

Laser Scribing

By inserting scribe lines into the material, laser scribing enables the mechanical separation of circuit carriers in a board assembly.

Laser Marking

Components can be marked by laser technology through material removal or non-destructive color change.

Our complementary services

In addition to laser processing, we offer the following processing options and services for your components.

Wafer Dicing

In wafer dicing, wafers and substrates made of different materials are precisely processed by means of mechanical cut-off grinding.


Whether turning, milling, threading or countersinking - we offer mechanical processing of your components.

Precision Bending

We perform forming processes such as die bending, swivel bending and presses to produce precision bent parts.

Vibratory Finishing

Perfect surfaces and clean edges are the result of this machining process.

Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting enables different modifications of the workpiece surface.


We measure and test your components according to your specifications - even without in-house production.


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