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Fast, reliable and precise welding

The welding process for the highest demands

Laser beam welding, also known as laser welding, describes a special process for joining metallic components such as contact sheets, cell connectors and battery contacts. It is an innovative welding process characterized by its high welding speed, precise and narrow weld seams, and low thermal distortion.

Welding can be performed in a vacuum or in an inert gas. A subsequent leak test checks the weld seams for tightness. Because of its high energy concentration, the laser beam joins components with high precision and up to eight times faster than alternative welding processes such as TIG or MIG/MAG welding. In this way it is possible to join surfaces of workpieces to be joined and weld seams to be created quickly and reliably and create neat weld seams.

Technical Details

The advantages of laser fine welding:

  • non-contact process, no tool wear
  • high welding speed
  • low thermal distortion due to minimal heat input
  • visually appealing weld seams due to precise and narrow weld seam guidance
  • helium-tight

In which areas is laser welding used?

Laser welding can be used in almost any field that involves metal, such as electronics and sensor manufacturing, semiconductor technology, the production of precision mechanical components and optical housings, and medical technology assemblies. Our machining processes include:

  • Precision spot welding,
  • ultra-fine welding of pore-free seams in medical technology, and
  • laser soldering in electrical engineering.

The following metallic materials can be welded:

  • stainless steel,
  • hard metal,
  • copper and copper alloy (nickel silver, bronze, brass),
  • spring bronze or
  • aluminum

The advantages of laser technology also enable new and more efficient production processes: For example, processes such as electron beam welding are supplemented by laser beam welding when capping sensors.

Our services for you

  • Extensive quality assurance

    We test what binds (forever):

    • grinding pattern creation of weld seams to check seam quality
    • performance of helium leak tests with a leak detector with measurable leak rates up to 5.0x10-12 
    • leak testing of hermetically welded housings using the bombing method
  • All from one source

    In addition to laser processing, we offer the following fine machining technologies, which enables us to manufacture sophisticated assemblies and / modules in-house:

    Component identification and marking is also possible. Whether annealing, deep or engraving marking - with the laser we mark components for eternity.

  • Support from the beginning

    Our employees are there to support you in the realization of your project from the initial idea through to implementation. Starting with a technical consultation on the appropriate material selection to the suitable manufacturing technology - together we will find the right solution for your precise component.

    Discover our different technologies and take a look at our available data sheets.

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