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Mechanical Processing

Highest quality for your components

Milling, turning, drilling

Using various machining processes, workpieces are made from different materials according to customer requirements. Production takes place in workshop production, so we offer a maximum of flexibility combined with short delivery times. Our mechanical processing is designed for single parts and sample production as well as for small and medium series.

We can produce prototypes and small functional assemblies for you easily and at short notice and can offer you for example laser-cut components with threads, countersinks or milled pockets. We can manufacture support masks for coating processes in a vacuum, adapter and assembly plates, matrices, holders, angles or connectors. In addition, our fixture construction and technology development benefit from our own production capacities.

Technical Details

We offer these mechanical services:

  • milling (CNC)
  • turning (conventional)
  • drilling
  • reaming
  • countersinking
  • thread cutting

We process the following materials for you:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminium, Titanium
  • brass, copper, nickel silver
  • plastics (POM, PMMA, PTFE, PVC, PEI, etc.)
  • other materials on request



You can find more information in our data sheets.

Post-processing and testing of your manufactured components

After turning/milling, the workpieces are deburred and cleaned. All sharp workpiece edges are broken by vibratory grinding or glass bead blasting and an even surface is created.

Various surface treatments are also possible through cooperation: e.g. passivation, anodising, galvanising, blackening.

We can also test your components by optical and tactile measurements on our 3D coordinate measuring machine.

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Our application diversity

Discover all technologies now and find out about our available materials. You can see the wide range of possibilities that can be realised in component production under More applications.

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