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Precision Bending: Bending techniques for all metals

The art of bending

Practical forming processes

Micro and precision bending are important components of metal processing. As a "cooled" forming process for the production of precision components such as shields, housings, springs, contact bridges, leadframes and much more, we offer two different bending techniques according to DIN 8586.

Technical Details

Metalworking by swivel bending

A swivel folding beam is used as a tool for swivel bending. The workpiece to be bent is firmly clamped between the upper and lower beam. In a rotating tool movement, the swivel folding beam moves up or down at a precise angle around its pivot point, bending the material into the desired shape. This bending process is used in particular for workpieces with very short legs or individual radii. 

Metalworking by die bending

Die bending, or press bending, performs the bending in a straight-line tool movement. The sheet metal lies between the tools during the bending process. By lowering the punch, the respective workpiece is pressed into the die of a V-shaped die at a precise angle. Between the so-called bending die and the bending punch, the workpiece is pressed into the desired shape.

Questions and answers on bending techniques

What bendin methods are generally available?

There are three different bending processes. In addition to the swivel and die bending already mentioned and offered by us, there is also the so-called roll bending. Here, pairs of rollers are used as tools. The sheet metal is passed through several rollers to create the desired shape.

Which materials are suitable for bending?

CNC bending can be used to process small and very small parts made from various metallic materials. The minimum material thickness is 0.1 millimeters. Bending radii are between 0.2 and 2.0 millimeters - other radii are possible on request.

What is produced during precision bending?

Various components are manufactured during precision bending. These include housings that can be used in an electromagnetic environment without interference due to their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In addition to these EMC-compliant enclosures, lids, covers and component holders are also manufactured. Other components include:

  • Busbars
  • Injection molded inserts
  • Plug connectors
  • Single pins
  • Flat springs
  • Leaf springs
  • Mounts

Would you like to produce samples, pre-series or prototypes? We offer you these options as part of our forming processes. Regardless of the desired end product, all components are thoroughly checked by optical measurements on a 3D coordinate measuring machine. This ensures that you receive consistently reliable top quality.


You can find more information in our data sheets.

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