LCP Laser Cut Processing

Vibratory Grinding

Individual surface processing of your components

Deburring, cleaning, polishing

As a mechanical machining process, vibratory finishing offers the best possibilities for deburring, grinding, rounding edges, cleaning and polishing different workpieces and materials to a high gloss by selecting a suitable grinding and polishing granulate body and a wide range of machine parameters.

The workpieces to be processed are placed in the vibratory finishing container together with a suitable vibratory abrasive, either with a compound-water mixture or as pure dry granulate. Through its rotating and oscillating movement, a variable material removal is achieved due to the rubbing together of the grinding wheel and the workpiece.

As a further deburring and surface finishing process, we also offer brush and belt grinding for thin foils and large-dimensioned parts.

Technical Details

  • gentle process for filigree components
  • suitable for very thin workpieces (< 0.2 mm)
  • container with sliding gap system (zero gap system)
  • large variety of granules and compounds
  • process monitoring

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