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This process describes a precise machining by abrasive cutting (sawing/ dicing) of wafers and substrates out of ceramics, glass, silicon, germanium, sapphire, COB circuit panels or metal foils with an extrem high quality of edges.


We offer panel processing by severing the on the carrier foil pre-adhesive-bonded workpiece but also the production of mitre cuts, the generation of notches in the materials surface, the trimming for better edge quality and circular cuttings to reduce the wafer size.


We process different materials like Al2O3, AlN, LTCC and poly- or monocrystalline silicon as well as borosilicate, float and quartz glass with or without optical coatings or even with already printed or sputtered coatings. Depending on the specifications for installation and application a combined laser and sawing processing is useful and beneficial.


The severed components can be supplied on the carrier foil, in 2" or 4" wafflepacks, on tape or in containers of your choice.


You can find more information in our datasheet.

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