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Dominate the light and cut it right to the chase of matter

Our competencies from more than 20 years of work experience are appreciated by customers in the fields of precise apparatus engineering, electronics industry especially hybrid electronics production, medical technology and aerospace sectors.


 Laser beam fusion cutting

The material is locally heated by the focused laser beam. At the same time the not sublimated but molten mass is cast out by the laser beam accompanied process gas. By using an inert gas as process gas the treated point is shield from oxidation processes. The inert gas has also no supporting effect on the cutting process (endothermic reaction) what results in a lower feed rate but also in lower thermal stress for the material. In this way metals can be separated without warpage and tension, the cutting edge is smooth, shows no oxidation and can be regarded as optical sophisticated edge with a little or even without finishing processes.

Laser beam flame cutting

The not sublimated but molten mass is cast out by the laser beam accompanied process gas which is reactive and in most cases oxygen. As a result of using a reactive gas the cutting process is supported by releasing extra energy (exothermic reaction). This directly results in a higher feed rate as well as higher thermal stress for the material. This cutting process involves the risk of materials burn-off or warpage and an additional finishing process to remove rests of oxidation is always necessary.


Laser beam sublimation cutting

This technology is used by thin and sensitive materials to achieve complicated contours, high precision and premium cutting edges with only a little burr and roughness. During this process the material is sublimated in layers by the laser beam. Comparable to cold working there is nearly no heat conduction within the material.


You can find more information in our datasheet.

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