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The laser fine welding is an exquisite process to mate components with demands on high welding rates, narrow and lean weldseams and low thermal warpage. Furthermore this process is excellent automatable and offers an online quality monitoring what makes it to a great bonding technique for the industrial production.


The applications range from finest welding of non-porous seams in the medical engineering via precise spot welding through to laser soldering in the electrical engineering. Often the preferences of the laser technology enable new and more efficient methods of production: For example processes like the electron-beam welding were substituted by laser welding to encapsulate sensors.


We mate stainless steel with thicknesses from 50 µm to 500 µm by overlap and up to 2,0 mm by fillet weld or tacking by impact. In doing so thin foils can be welded either on top of each other (lap joint) or on obvious thicker solids (cladding).


The production of electronics and sensors, the semiconductor technology, precision components, optical housings as well as components of the medical technology belong to the special field of application.


To accommodate the wisdom of Schiller „So test therefore, who join forever“, we offer a comprehensive quality control and particularly a metallographical evaluation of the weldseams.


You can find more information in our datasheet.

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