LCP Laser Cut Processing

Precision manufacturing of drawing parts

Precise, cost and time efficient

Smallest drawing parts with precision manufacturing

No matter which component we machine, we machine it exactly according to your concepts. Within the framework of detailed NC and CNC precision manufacturing, we create drawing parts according to your individual specifications regarding shape, material and dimensions

  • We work precisely.
  • We are flexible.
  • We manufacture quality.
  • We operate sustainably.

Our services include particulary the best possible support of our customers. For the manufacturing of your drawing parts, we determine the appropriate machining technology and the suitable material on the basis of your technical drawing, sample and create prototypes, and finally transfer the process to suitability for series production. This allows us to respond flexibly to your wishes and specifications.

With our quality services, we support your process from the initial idea to final production. Even without a concrete idea, you can contact us - our experienced sales employees are there to help you with their know-how and experience and will work up a suitable concept for your specific project.

Our manufacturing process

Work preparation

technical inspection and preparation of the manufacturing documents (CAD/CAM), generation of the NC machine program from the CAD data | NC precision manufacturing | selection of the appropriate process

Material provision

batch-specific and order-related material removal and provision at the machines | material provided by customers already receives the greatest attention from this point

First part production

setup process and manufacturing of the prototype by experienced technologists and supported by article-specific process documents right from the beginning

Approval testing

inspection of the initial part and release for production | state-of-the-art measurement technology | experienced measuring technicians and component-specific test plans

Component manufacturing

contract manufacturing including accompanying component testing, whether small quantities or automated large-scale production; lot specific; supported by a production cockpit and real-time PDA

Post processing

from mechanical deburring such as barrel finishing, brushing, grinding, blasting to wet-chemical ultrasonic cleaning to ultra-fine cleaning for delivery to a clean room

Final check

final check of the manufactured order & technical inspection | measurement protocols, initial sample inspection report (ISIR), CoCs, etc. - your requirements are our job


partly self-produced, component-specific packaging | transport trays with EMC requirements | returnable packaging | security for filigree, hard-brittle and sensitive articles

Our benefits for you

Our work does not begin with the manufacture of your products. With our comprehensive services, we will advise or support you right from the second of your initial idea.


For us technical consulting includes feasibility and effort assessments, risk assessment and does not end with design proposals and alternative possibilities.


We manufacture your prototype until everything fits!

Process development

We develop individual processes to meet your product requirements.

Cooperation partner

We have a strong network to move your projects forward.

Material service

In addition to 600 materials in stock, we are happy to procure your desired material.


We also check your products without manufacturing them in-house.

Express service

You need your product within the shortest possible time? Contact us.


If you have questions about specific technologies, materials or applications, please contact the contact person directly using the short form in the relevant section.

General questions can be directed to us here:

E-mail:   info(at)

Phone:   +49 (0) 36601 9327-0

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