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We #LASERPIONIERE have celebrated an impressive company history with 30 years of LCP in 2023.

We would like to say a big thank you to our business partners for their valuable trust and cooperation. We would also like to thank our staff for their valuable daily work and support. Without these important foundations, this significant milestone would not have been possible.



Since 1992, we have grown the leading laser competence centre for material processing. This means: we work with precision down to the smallest detail. Whether with a solid-state laser, CO2 gas laser, nano-, pico- or femtosecond laser - we implement individual wishes for customers from a wide range of industries with the appropriate technology. Whether as a prototype or in series production. We put our heart and soul into developing THE solution for your challenge. 

We regularly run R&D projects for process development, innovative material processing or new processing technologies. This makes us not only the first point of contact, but also a reliable laser application centre that asserts itselfs own in the high-tech photonics and laser industry with many years of experience, creative design solutions and the outstanding expertise of our over 70 employees.

Laser-made solutions.


  • 2023

    Anniversary - LCP celebrates 30 years of existence

  • 2020

    "Family-friendly employer" award from the Bertelsmann Foundation

  • 2019

    Participant in the NAT - Thuringian Sustainability Agreement

  • 2019

    New construction of Plant IV and establishment of USP laser technology in series production

  • 2018

    Partner in the SCALE cooperation network (TU Chemnitz)

  • 2017

    Founding member of TRIDELTA Campus Hermsdorf e.V.

  • 2012

    TÜV certification according to ISO 14001 - environmental management

  • 2010

    New construction of plant III and establishment of mechanical production incl. precision bending

  • 2003

    TÜV certification according to ISO 9001 - quality management

  • 2000

    Relocation to Hermsdorf (Plant II) and expansion of laser fine cutting of metal foils and mechanical substrate post-processing

  • 1993

    Foundation in the home garage (Plant I) and start of substrate processing and tool depth engraving

  • heute
    • 1992
    • "The real answer is in the doing."

      Petra Störzner, Authorised Signatory & Accounting

    • "The passion belongs to the solution, not to the problem."

      Daniel Störzner, Managing Director

    • "I continue to run my paths and this is how my visions will be recognisable in the future."

      Falko Störzner, Managing Director

      Innovations & Projects

      We are pioneers, researchers and developers. Together with well-known universities and institutes, we are constantly advancing laser technology in various projects and are also always up-to-date because of our own strong R&D department.

      Perfect machines under our own direction

      We know our tools. We build, maintain and optimise most of our equipment ourselves. As a result there is a deep understanding of technology and a high degree of configurability for special application requirements. In this way we are able comprehensively realise individual customer wishes and their requirements.

      System Integration

      We are able to integrate various elements into our system such as linear drives, absolute measuring systems, laser control, motion control, non-linear compensation or capacitive distance sensors.


      We individually realise the economic production from single parts to large series by in-house automation of machining or testing steps up to the complete run.

      Component Tests

      Whether feasibility studies, sampling or component qualification - with our application know-how, we put your components through their paces on our own test stands.


      • High-tech location for ceramics and electronics

        The TRIDELTA Campus e.V. is an association of companies for the promotion of the economy and infrastructure around the Hermsdorf location. The members of the association are mainly active in the industrial ceramics and electronics sectors. As co-founders of the location initiative, we promote the vision of the TRIDELTA Campus, which will develop into the leading location for advanced ceramics in Europe by 2030. Visit the campus and learn more!

      • Network for scaling joining technologies in production processes for micro- and macroscopic applications

        SCALE is an association of companies and research institutions and stands for a national network for product and technology development, exploitation of synergies in production processes, development of new joining technologies for high-performance materials and their combination as well as market expansion. As network partners, we have already been able to drive forward interesting development projects. Take a look.

        Your contact persons in technical sales

        Sensors & Systems

        Antje Oßmann

        P +49 (0) 36601 9327-54

        Power Electronics

        René Gunkel

        P +49 (0) 36601 9327-33

        Precision Mechanics

        Jürgen Krieger

        P +49 (0) 36601 9327-58


        Max Schöppe

        P +49 (0) 36601 9327-50

        Your contacts to Marketing/Communications and management

        Marketing & Communications

        Denise Thim

        +49 (0)36601 9327-19


        Falko Störzner

        P +49 (0) 36601 9327-0


        Daniel Störzner

        P +49 (0) 36601 9327-0


        Petra Störzner

        P +49 (0) 36601 9327-0


        Brochures, certificates, data sheets and general terms and conditions: Here you will find all documents conveniently for online reading or downloading.

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        technical data sheets

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          Design Guideline Ceramics
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          Ceramics Machining
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          Wafer Dicing
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          Water-Jet Guided Laser Processing
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          Glass Machining
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          Ultra Short Pulse Machining
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          Ultra Short Pulse Ferrite Machining
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          Laser Cutting
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          Laser Welding
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