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Testing, measuring, qualifying

We provide you with our extensive measuring and testing technology to test, measure and qualify your components for you, even without your own machining. We are also offer you embedding, cut-off grinding and etching of laser-welded components for seam testing and light microscopic evaluation for your joining components.

We qualify laser-structured, textured or modified component surfaces with non-contact optical or tactile roughness and topography measurements. For many substrate materials, flatness and its reliable verification is a decisive quality feature for the subsequent coating and structuring processes.

Technical Details

We offer the following measuring and testing methods:

  • roughness and waviness measurement 2D and 3D according to EN ISO 4287/ 4288
  • flatness measurement according to DIN EN ISO 12781-1
  • topography display and measurement
  • 3D coordinate measuring technology with max. volume of 1000 x 650 x​ ​300 m³
  • digital light microscopy up to 500 x magnification
  • preparation of micrographs (incl. embedding, grinding and etching of specimens)
  • micrographs of weld seams to check the seam quality
  • carrying out helium leak tests using a leak detector with measurable leak rates of up to 5.0x10-12 
  • leak testing of hermetically welded enclosures using the bombing method

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