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As a medium-sized technology company, we would like to give back a part of our success. We do this by supporting projects in the region.

In recent years, we have already supported various social issues in areas such as education, health and sport.

At the start of the new sport season 2023/2024, LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH is supporting SV Hermsdorf e.V.'s women's and girls' handball team as an EXCLUSIVE sponsor for the next three years. The aim is to support the players in their hobby and passion - with the best training conditions and equipment - as well as to inspire young girls for technical professions.

To coincide with the start of the season, the women's match kit was also completed and handed over by Daniel Störzner, Managing Director of LCP. The #LASERPIONEER of LCP is now the players' constant companion - whether at home or away. He is there to keep his fingers crossed for great accuracy, many sporting successes and the best of health.

Handball is a fascinating sport with speed, skill and adaptability. It also requires a certain amount of teamwork, perseverance and strategy. All things that we #LASERPIONEERS also demonstrate on a daily basis - for the benefit of our customers.

It will be an exciting journey for both sides.

Contract signing and handover

Handover of the jerseys with LCP as sponsor

LCP advertising on jerseys and hall boards

Women's handball team of SV Hermsdorf e.V.

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