Sunny news - LCP now produces its own green electricity

Strong fluctuations in the price of electricity and the associated dependency have prompted us to make an investment in our future, profitability and the environment.

LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH had installed a photovoltaic system on their two company buildings in Heinrich-Hertz-Str. by EPS-Solarstrom GmbH at the beginning of the summer.

"This important step makes us less vulnerable to strong changes in electricity prices and above all provides us with security of supply. In addition, we are making our contribution to the energy transition and climate neutrality," said Daniel Stƶrzner, Managing Director of LCP. The solar energy generated there, converted into electricity, is used directly by the company itself. This covers about 33% of LCP's total annual electricity consumption. This is 51 times the average annual consumption of a 4-person household. Or to put it another way: if LCP did not use the electricity itself and fed it into the grid, 51 households, each with 4 people, could be supplied for a complete year.

Here are the facts and figures of the installation:
Number of modules: 632
Power per module: 370 Wp
total power: 232 kWp
estimated power generation: 221 MWh
estimated CO2 savings: 98 t p.a.

The estimated CO2 saving per year corresponds to 4,500 equivalent trees planted. Thus, a whole forest to breathe šŸ˜‰.

Our ambitious as well as challenging goal and also that of TRIDELTA CAMPUS Hermsdorf by 2025: To realize an 80% self-sufficiency of the energy demand for the site. The main energy production is to be made possible by wind power and solar energy. This means that further implementations will follow to achieve the goal.

But now we use as long as possible still every sunbeam that we can catch šŸ˜‰.
And the weather is currently doing its best.

Photovailtaik installation on the roofs of the LCP

Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 17

Photovailtaik installation on the roofs of the LCP

Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 16

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